Going postcard-al

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For the past few months I have worked for the coolest kids clothing company on the planet. My boss is awesome, my stores are cool, and I work in an exciting area of LA in the fashion district. You would think that the chic people and places I surround myself with would rub off on me, that I would pick up the art of dressing current, speaking in a offhand manor, and bypassing social flubs. But I confess I am as awkward and myself as ever. And for the most part I like it, it humors me, and most of the people I've met don't seem to mind either.

Over the past few days I have been driving around visiting stores. Most of the time I have strolled into a store with a gift bag for them, chatted with the shop girls, left a message for the owner and gone on my merry way. However, the second day into the driving, I found myself in an awkward position. You see, the address we shipped to was not a store, it was someone's home, someone who ran a web based company, someone who I wasn't sure how to approach.

Did I walk up to their door and knock? Introduce myself? Just leave the gift bag on the patio and not interrupt them at their home? I decided to call, but no one answered. Growing bold I knocked on their door, still no answer. I knew it was the right house, a package on the patio said the name of the lady I was trying to meet. And then the thought hit me, "Why not write a little note on the postcard inside the gift bag?" Perfect. Or was it?

Once back in my car with the pen glistening with ink and poised in my hand I wasn't sure what to say. How should I start?

"Hi. I came to your house but you weren't here. I'll just sit outside until you come home..?" Nope.

"Hey there, I peeked in all your windows, but you weren't there. I'll come back tonight...? Um... no.

So what I actually wrote was: (something like this)
"Hey so and so,
I came by thinking this was your store, but instead it was your house (which is adorable by the way). => I just wanted to introduce myself and bring you a little gift. I'm sorry I missed you but hopefully we'll have a chance to meet soon. I hope you are doing well. Let me know if I can do anything for you!


I intended to make a winning little note that suggested I was a normal person and not someone who just showed up at people's houses unannounced. After commenting on her adorable house (it really was adorable though), I sealed the creepiness by drawing a little smiley face.

Except my smiley face was not of the sweet variety. Mine came out in a shaking, slightly downward "v" and evilly smirking variety. Mine didn't say "hope to catch up with you soon!" mine said, "I WILL catch up with you soon- most likely when you are sleeping and won't see me coming..."

It was unintentional, the ink was wet on the glossy surface and I didn't want to smear it with my hand so I drew it freeform. There was no denying the end result was disturbing. Even the correction I attempted couldn't fully erase the evil smirking smiley face. It was creepy and kind of gave me the giggles. If she had seen me in my car it would have looked like I was laughing in a villainous manner at the evil note I was about to leave. Nice.

I'm sure she didn't even think about the note, but I did. And it made me laugh and wonder if I would ever not be awkward or if this was something I will be for the rest of my life. For the most part these moments make for good stories. Sometimes I'm very conscious of the fact that I'm a nerd and I feel like an well intentioned impostor. Has anyone else had something like this happen? I am so very uncool.


julie said...

I am always a nerd. I went around stamford a few weeks ago with a large glittery sticker stuck right between my eyes.

No one told me.

Apparently Olivia had stuck it there in the morning and it was not until the afternoon when my neighbor asked me about it that I checked the mirror.

And once, recently, I almost left the church bathroom with my skirt tucked into my skivvies. About had a heart attack. Still makes me sweat...

Kirsten said...

haha when you told me this the other night I was cracking up! I'm sure the lady doesn't think your creepy. And by the way, I love the way you dress, I always tell you that! You always look so cute. I love the way you accessorize too. You always look pretty =)

Scott and Megan said...

you are the coolest nerd I know Holly. Don't let anyone tell you any different!

Linds and Thad said...


You crack me up. I can laugh at my awkwardness because of people like you who make it funny! Saying awkward comments and doing embarrassing things are traits that have plagued me since I was old enough to talk!

Tasha said...

I think I will forever be awkward too. I was just thinking about this about myself infact today and yesterday and well, for a while. Will I ever not be awkward or as I always call myself "so different"? I doubt it. Sad but true. Personally I think you are awesome Holly!!! And I loved this story. Totally laughing. I am sure the lady did not think you creepy at all. She probably appreciated the gift bag and was excited to come home and find it on her door step. I would have been!

kat and jason said...

ok. you crack me up. i can never put my thoughts into words like you can--you are such a funny writer. and yes, i have had awkward moments like that...however, you should ask lindsay about her awkward moments. she is right up there with you and i love hearing her stories too....what would i do if i didn't have all of your stories to give me a chuckle.!!! keep up the awkwardness.

Kelly said...

You should have just cut to the chase and boiled her bunny:)!

jbiz said...

Oh, my wife. Yes, that is her. I got to hear the story in person before all of you! hahahahahha And, awkward.

andyandmeg@gmail.com said...

Hi, my name is Megan and I'm Jerom's friend from high school. I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your blog. You are so funny I die laughing. Seriously, you need to write a book or something!

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